Dogs for Adoption

Buster and Candy below are now adopted, but their sisters Nina and Molly are arriving this weekend. Pictures to follow 

Updated 12/7/21

Help us to help them​



We are delighted to announce that Trustee Jane Stacey is to visit Romania later this summer.

Whilst the trip is still in the planning stage she will be joining Steven on his transport on his transport to get there. Jane intends to meet Carmen (one of our main rescuers in Romania). Jane will have lots of questions and visits to keep her busy.

 Jane also intends visiting the Oravita public shelter a terrible place. The local mayor refuses to pay for any food for the dogs and basically they would be left to starve if not for rescuer Mona, who is struggling to feed them all.  Jane intends bringing lots of videos and pictures which we will publish to show the world of the terrible conditions these dogs live in.  


The best way Jane/ Rags to Riches can help is by sending money for Jane to purchase food for the shelter and to help the rescuers.

If you would like to donate,(no matter how small)  please mark as Romania Trip. 

Rags to Riches Annual Dog show

30th August 2021

We are pleased (and very excited )to announce we are planning to hold our annual fun dog show again this year (cancelled last year). It is a wonderful opportunity to meet lots of those you have met on the group, trustees and of course all those lovely rommie dogs.  
Stalls, lots of dog classes, information and homemade  food.


 New article re- Raw Feeding We will be bringing you a new article/blog each month on the many subjects we are frequently asked about. so watch this space 

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Each month Rags to Riches sends money  to assist with the huge vet bills the volunteers in Valcea incur. this money comes from  monthly subscriptions. These vary from  £1  to £20.  To subscribe please  arrange with your bank or PayPal and mark as subs.
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