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The new shelter at Valcea

In the early months of 2018 Rags 2 Riches joined forces with Bettina Stocker and the German group Herzenshunde to raise the necessary funding for a large down payment on a suitable property with land attached perfect for establishing a good-sized private shelter in the Valcea region.


Over the last 2 years we have helped with the balance of the payments as well as paying for  much of the groundworks, gravel etc..  we have also  contributed towards  many  other sundry item including, water pump, security lights and camera and fencing.



Work has been hampered by not only the weather but local regulations and recently due to covid-19, but we are still hopeful that it will be habitable for at least some dogs before winter 2020


Colleen Stead (a former trustee) visited the site on her first trip to Romania (see picture below with Nicoleta and Florentina) and her reports of the awful conditions of the public shelter and the overcrowding in the current private shelter made us all the more determined to continue our support and raise funds to help complete this project

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