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  • How much does it cost to adopt a previously-fostered Romanian dog via Rags 2 Riches?
    The adoption donation we ask for is a minimum of £280.00 – this literally covers the preparation of each dog for travel and the transport costs. ALL dogs are neutered (if old enough), vaccinated, microchipped, vet checked, had worm and flea treatment and hold a Pet Passport – all dogs are registered with Petrac and transferred into owners name and contact details.
  • Will I be able to meet the dog without obligation?
    Yes !! we welcome a visit or visits to meet a fostered dog before the dog is taken on trial. This meet and greet can be at the fosterer's home (mostly located in Yorkshire) or we may suggest a suitable venue where you can meet the dog you are interested in and possibly go out for a short walk. If you have children or other dogs to consider you may wish to arrange a second or even third meeting before committing
  • Can I take a Rags 2 Riches dog on a trial basis?
    All our previously-fostered dogs go on a two week trial basis – if either party is not happy with how the dog is adjusting to their new home then the dog will be returned to the foster home. However it must be appreciated that these dogs have gone through huge changes already and that the disruption must be kept to a minimum. This is one reason why we prefer a visit/visits prior to the dog being taken on trial.
  • What is the procedure to adopt a dog?
    We ask all prospective adopters in the first instance to complete one of our questionnaires – not intended to pry into your lives – only to make the adoption process smoother and faster and to avoid any disruption at a later date. With the help of honest answers to our questions we can better match the right dog to your lifestyle. We will contact you if we think we have a suitable dog available or please contact us for information about any of the dogs on this website. Once you have decided you are interested in a dog you will then receive a copy of our contract, advice sheet and an assessment of your chosen dog prior to meeting him/her.
  • Are the foster dogs tested with cats and children already?
    Yes – please ask for specific requirements and we will make arrangements for testing BEFORE you commit to meeting any of our dogs
  • Can I take a dog straight from Romania if I prefer?
    Generally we would say no to this suggestion – we always prefer to foster our dogs first so that we get to know them and their requirements – this safeguards prospective adopters and most importantly the dogs themselves. The foster period usually lasts from 48 hrs to six weeks plus, depending on the individual dog. However if you are sufficiently confident in your ability to make a successful adoption of a dog straight from Romania, we are sometimes able to assist with the practicalities of organising transport etc. making use of our contacts in rescue. It has to be clearly understood that there will be a similar home vetting procedure before we will become involved, and that our insurance will NOT cover this type of direct adoption It has to also be clearly understood that all expenses for this kind of adoption will have to be paid upfront in advance, and that our back-up for dogs not previously fostered by us cannot be depended on in the same way, though of course we will always help and advise if we are able. Please therefore consider very carefully before choosing this option WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU CHOOSE A PREVIOUSLY-FOSTERED DOG - WITH FULL BACK-UP - We always have some beautiful dogs for you to choose from and our system - while costing no more than a direct adoption - protects both you and the dog from start to finish

Rags to Riches Dogs

Chosen by Rags to Riches Trustees from Valcea or other approved rescuer

Named if necessary by R2R

Prep fees paid by R2R (non refundable but can be transferred to another dog if exceptional circumstances)

Any additional vet/boarding/transport fees covered by R2R

Homechecks/references organised by R2R

Travel to UK booked & paid for by R2R

R2R will arrange foster

R2R  comprehensive insurance

R2R will arrange 2 week trial period for adopter

R2R provides life long Rescue Back Up


Direct Adoption Dogs

Chosen by an individual adopter from Valcea only

Named by adopter

Prep fees paid on reservation by adopter (non refundable)

Adopter liable for any extra expenses e.g if the dog becomes ill just before travelling then additional costs are incurred due to late cancellation - paid for by adopter.

Homechecks/references organised by R2R

Travel to UK booked & paid for by adopter (we give you all the info you need)

No foster available 

No trial period available

No actual Rescue Back Up


No Insurance

                                 NO FIXED PRICES                                                 Costs are approx £300 - £450                             

R2R assists adopter with administration only free of charge 

All our dogs are microchipped and even when adopted they remain in dual registration - this means that both yours and our contact information stays on the microchip file - this is our commitment to these dogs - if ever they are lost, and found via the microchip, we can assist in getting them back to you. 

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