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Feeding Raw. Article by Pauline Carruthers

This article is my own personal narrative.

I feed my dogs a mainly raw diet. Why? Because I believe this is the most normal food a dog can have and as dogs (and cats) are mainly carnivores this is the most natural food you can give them.

Benefits of a raw diet include.

· Smaller dryer (less smelly) pooh’s

· Less flatulence

· Better breath

· Much less (or no) tooth decay

· Glossy coats

· Increased energy

· Reduced incidences of chronic disease

· Reduction in inflammatory issues such as skin conditions or joint inflammation.

· Enhanced immune function and overall optimum health

· Longer lives

These are just a few of the benefits.

There are many ways to feed a raw diet. Ready made meals, minces with bone, minces without bone, many people feed only chicken and fish, others only red meats. You cannot just give dogs raw meat, meals must be balanced and to feed raw you must do your research first.

I personally do a mixture of all the above. This includes mainly a proprietary brand which comes cubed and therefore easy to feed (and work out how much they need) they also have a raw chicken wing every other morning for breakfast, tuna at least once a week , scrambled egg once a week, the odd raw egg and as a treat when we have chicken they have it too cooked with a few veg. They love fresh tripe and lamb, or chicken liver or heart mixed in as a treat once or twice a month. They all like fruit and veg mixed in (only a little) blueberry being a favourite.

One of my dogs I have had since a puppy is now ten years old. Her teeth (the vets’ own words) are like a two years old dog, no tartare or decay. Her coat shines and she is a bundle of energy (too much sometimes) My little Rommie had terrible teeth when she arrived and has since had to have 9 removed. The decay on her remaining teeth is gradually going. Her coat shines and she has so much more energy than when she arrived. My other rescue of 7 seven years (now ten) also has lovely teeth, coat etc... All have no allergies, are fit, healthy and love their food.

The debate over which type of diet is best for dogs and other pets – raw meat-based or cooked meat-based –stirs strong emotions and causes people into taking “sides”, often with no room for acceptance of the other viewpoint. Many dogs are fine and live long and happy lives on dry or tinned type foods. But the difference I have seen in both mine and other people’s dogs (and cats) has lead me to believe that natural (raw) is the best choice.

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