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Spay / Neutering Campaigns

July 2020 This is the second campaign we have supported this year.  (See Florentina comments from May below)

Rags 2 Riches has supported  a spay/neuter campaign for  street/forest dogs, pets of those who cannot afford vet fees and dogs in the public shelters for the last few years. Florentina, one of the main volunteers in Valcea Romania  wrote the narrative below on Facebook during the latest campaign along. We paid for Ovidiu the mobile vet. We are pleased to announce we are funding a second campaign in July along with  a non profit organisation in Finland.  (Click on the photos to  gallery pages) . 

 Written by Florentina (translated to English) May 2020 

SPAY/NEUTER- the only solution that will ever solve the problem of the strays.

Due to the situation generated by corona virus, this was our first neutering campaign for tranquilise-catch-spay-return for the abandoned scared females. The 4th year of organising such campaigns. Because besides the normal neutering's we do every day for the dogs we can catch by hand, we needed something more for the females we could never catch and who were giving birth endless-the fate of the puppies being really tragical: dying in terrible pains hit by cars or affected by disease or taken home by people & put in chains & let to breed further.

For such actions, we collaborate with the best professional in this domain- dr. Ovidiu Rosu.
We are the only ones from Romania who have such a project- continuous and constant for 4 years!

There were only 2 days, but intense, 16 h of running and working daily. We caught the scared females we knew or new met ones. We bought efficient products for ticks, fleas, worms and applied to all caught females. For the ones who had skin problems, we used specific products as Advocate, Nexgard, etc.

A total number of 48 females were neutered (and few cats also).
We covered an area of 40-50 km square from morning to evening, going to forests, yards, industrial areas.

First action was at a pension, to catch a mother and her puppies, because she gave birth on the property and the owner took some puppies and abandoned them but the mother brought them back-the next step was to kill them... we will spay the mother when the puppies will grow up and return her in the area if there is no adoption offer. Also, in the evening, while returning the neutered females, we found abandoned the puppies of a mother for which people asked help to everybody to save them... they were 15 km away abandoned alone 😞 Next day we were in the village where the mother left to catch and spay her and end these kind of horrible stories. They all are safe and wait for homes.


At Oltchim area we found a mother with her 7-8 months old puppies all sick of Distemper 😞 We let treatment to the workers for them. The mother was pregnant again 😞 We lost her after darting her, but we will come back and do everything to catch her-such stories must not repeat!
And all kind of stories found and solved...

We let you enjoy the pictures and videos, taken while we worked ❤️

And we hope all animals lovers and not only, will understand the importance of NEUTERINGS and will do it more often. Because Romanian stray population can be reduced to zero if we do this.

And not last, our work and time are free but the doctors and supplies must be covered and without our friends from Finland, England and Holland, the great results from the pictures you see now could not be possible.
In their name, THANK YOU !!!!

PS: This action extended 3 days more because we caught females late in the evening and we had to use other vets to operate them. Just to have an idea what means a neutering campaign 😀

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