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   Lockdown Rescue updates 



Rags 2 Riches were delighted to bring Floss and Willow to the UK on 21st June both are now in foster care with two of our wonderful foster carers.  We are delighted to say that Willow has been adopted  and Floss is now reserved. 

We were also able to assist with the direct adoption of Chloe who is now settling in to her new home in Scotland.   Cherry has been fostered by another group. 

Sadly Maple was  still too scared to travel yet but is still been well looked after in Romania.  
Watch this space for more updates. 

July 26/07/202  All now adopted and living a wonderful new life. Maple is still in Romania. 

 Original story below



Floss and Maple



Floss and Maple were abandoned by their owners along with  three other dogs during the lockdown due to corona virus. The dogs were all in poor condition and living in awful conditions in a public shelter when they were seen by a rescuer soon after they arrived. There was then an  appeal for sponsors, donations etc.. to help to save them.   Rags to Riches along with two other UK rescues  came to their aid and all five dogs are being fostered in Romania until they can be transported to the UK for adoption. 

All the dogs are improving in health and although some were shy and scared initially they are fast acclimatizing to kind people and good food.  

We have set up a fundraising group on Facebook  with fun online dog show. auctions and raffles to help towards their costs. 



Floss safe in foster in Romania 

Maple 3.jpg

Maple safe in foster on Romania 


Online Adoption application form




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