(Recommended for immediate adoption)

Female, approx 6yrs, spayed, vaccinated & microchipped

location: fostered in North Yorkshire

Elsa first caught our attention when a video was posted of her newly caught by the dog catchers and her fear was heartbreaking - she was frozen in terror - hence she acquired the name Elsa (we've seen the movie).  The kind rescuers took her back to their shelter but described her as very shut down and depressed, though photos of her enjoying a cuddle show a sweet dog waiting to emerge.   She was booked to travel, but her spay surgery became infected and her travel was delayed while this was treated, but now she is finally here and settling into foster with Liz.   She's a quiet gentle girl, a little timid but will wag her stubby tail and give kisses to a friendly hand, and has been spotlessly clean since the day of her arrival

She asks for very little and is an undemanding dog growing daily more affectionate and responsive, and in her time in foster has learned to walk nicely on a lead and enjoy a peaceful walk.  Indoors she is very settled and will often choose to relax in an open crate.  She eats well and has put on a little weight and her coat is now quite lush after a couple of bathing and grooming sessions.

Elsa is very good with cats and though initially sometimes wary, she is good with other dogs too, mixing well with the resident dogs in foster.  She has also spent time with children and has no issues, provided the children are sensible

Liz her foster has nothing but praise for this girl, finding her exceptionally calm, intelligent and well-mannered - would be a wonderful addition to any household who would appreciate her gentle ways



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