A Date for your Diaries - our forthcoming Fun Dog Show in August 

All welcome to attend, with or without dogs - the more the merrier!


May/June 2018


At the end of May, Rags to Riches co-founder Colleen made a long-awaited trip to Romania to finally meet Florentina and Nicoleta, rescuers from Rm Valcea who Rags to Riches have worked closely with for the last four years.  Colleen writes "to finally meet these two ladies who work tirelessly rescuing dogs from the streets, forests and Public Shelter was indeed a delight and a very humbling experience; their dedication and compassion for the dogs is inspiring and reinforces Rags to Riches commitment to help them in any way we can" - Colleen was able to visit the Public Shelter after receiving permission from the authorities.  Seen many times through photos on Facebook it was as heartbreaking as she thought it would be "to see so many dogs, dogs like we all have in our living rooms, was difficult to see.  Some do anything to get your attention, others want you as far away from their box as possible and the saddest are the ones who are silent, they don't move, the ones who are resigned to their fate or have given up ..... these are the ones who have had the biggiest effect on me".  In contrast to the public shelter were the dogs in the private shelter - these dogs certainly don't have much, no cosy soft beds or anything in the way of comfort but they are safe, they are fed,  they live in small groups that are stress free, they have the ability to move around freely, and they are happy -- but they all need homes urgently so that other dogs, more desperate than themselves, can receive the same level of care away from the stress of the public shelter.  As part of our commitment to the Valcea rescuers and the dogs in their care, members of the R2R Team hope to make an annual trip to Romania, a beautiful beautiful country with so many lovely people who are trying to make a difference to the lives of so many dogs - please help us to help them - with your support we can do so much.


May 2018

We are a rehoming charity but sadly it is always difficult to rehome the older dogs that are found, often disgarded by their owners, although we would love to help more -- so how delighted we and the rescuers in Romania were when Marisa, who is part of our foster team, said she would like to adopt Mollie.  Mollie was found on the streets fending mainly for herself and blind in one eye.  We later found out that a gentleman did feed her and he was pleased when our rescuer friend, Florentina, offered to take her to a safe place - she was rescued with his blessing - how we wish he could see her now - dear Mollie is enjoying life in the UK and seems to be revisiting her youth ! 




21st April 2018

If you are looking for a new summer wardrobe them please do come along to our R2R Preloved Clothes Sale and pick up a bargain !! 

Welburn is on the A64 between York & Malton - please do come along and support this sale as we need funds for a very exciting development over in Romania - updates soon ! 


1st April 2018

Lynsay Hammond who is one of our foster team has volunteered to Skydive to raise much needed funds for Rags to Riches.

She will be free falling at up to 120 mph from a height of 15,000ft ..... now this is one incredible challenge for anyone but even more so as Lynsay has never been in a plane !! 

She is one brave lady and deserves all the support she can get.

Please go to Lynsays MyDonate page and help her reach her goal of £1000.00 



November 2017

This month saw our friend Gary create us our own You Tube Channel - please check out our introductory video

Rags to Riches You Tube Channel


October 2017

Another first for Rags to Riches -- we saw the first cat arrive from Romania - Ernie (was Marty) is the most beautiful Ragdoll who was rescued from a seriously alarming and dangerous situation along with several other Ragdolls who also made their way to the UK - he was one of many rescued from a breeding establishment where the unsold and unwanted were given to dogfighting rings and horrors that we can only imagine - their rescuers continue to rescue the remaining cats that are there plus several breeds of dogs that are in nothing more than a Romania puppy farm. 

Ernie now lives in North Yorkshire alongside another Ragdoll and we are delighted he has settled very well and is much loved and adored by his family.



August 2017

Thank you to everyone who came along and made our annual Fun Dog Show another success - great to see so many R2R dogs there - see you all next year !

Not long now until our Annual Fun Dog Show at Shipton by Beningbrough on the A19 just North of York on Bank Holiday Monday 28th August between 12 noon & 4pm

Lots of fun to be had by everyone !

10 class Fun Dog Show, 1st - 6th Rosettes and Special Rosettes,  Super Tombola (prizes galore), Homemade Refreshments, Meet the Rommies & Stalls 



July 2017

We are delighted to say that we raised a phenomenal amount of money from the Yorkshire Three Peaks/Lairig Ghru Challenges that we did in June, and that on the 14th/15th July the first of several neuter campaigns was carried out in Valcea, Romania.  On this occasion 19 of the most fearful strays were tranquilised, spayed and released back to where they live - it is a situation that most people here in the UK find unbelievable and at times cruel but this is the kindest way this campaign can be carried out and the Romanian team have done it this way very very successfully for many years - the point of these campaigns is to stop the birth of hundreds and hundreds of puppies from these stray dogs - currently our friends in Romania are looking after 87 abandoned puppies and this is only the tip of the iceberg of the problem our there - in addition to this they also feed the 500 dogs in the public shelter, over 300 dogs in their private shelter which include the 87 puppies and regularly visit areas of factories and forests where they feed the stray and abandoned dogs.


June 2017

Sunday June 4th saw the two teams of hikers take on the challenges of The Yorkshire Three Peaks and the Lairig Ghru in the Cairngorms - over 55 miles was accomplished, and there were some very tired legs and feet not to mentioned a twisted knee and several blisters - we look forward to being able to update soon with plans for our first neuter & spay campaign in the not too distant future.


June 2017

With the arrival of little Fern we celebrated our 100th dog that we have helped from Romania - for a small charity we are very proud of the number of dogs we have helped to a better life - we never rush them, they stay in foster, in our homes until they are ready to leave and the perfect home has come along.  Fern was fostered for a month and is now happily adopted in Leeds 


April 2017

We had the absolute pleasure to go and visit Matilda who is now in foster here in the UK - she is an amazing girl, is adapting so well to losing her front leg and has settled into a home life with ease - we can't thank Natalie and Henry enough for taking such great care of her - no more pain, no more struggle for Matilda from now on


Sponsored Treks in Yorkshire and the Cairngorms

On 4th June there are going to be two groups of hikers undertaking two challenges - Group 1 and our lovely Scottish supporters are hiking the Lairig Ghru, approx 22 miles through the Cairngorms, one of the wildest places in Scotland - Group 2 are doing the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge approx. 23 miles hiking up and down the tallest mountains in Yorkshire - the aim of this fundraiser is to fund a neuter/spay campaign in Valcea, Romania so that hundreds of puppies are not born into a life of uncertainty and suffering 

if you would like to donate to fundraiser please visit our My Donate page



March 2017

March 19th saw us travelling to Edinburgh Waverley Street Rail Station for a fundraising/awareness day where we met up with some of our Scottish supporters/adopters - thank you to Leeah Curran for suggesting and arranging our rail tickets from York so that Liz, Lisa & Colleen along with Mia, Fifi, Tanna & Devon could be there - photos to follow


February 2017

Update - Matilda has had her surgery and reports from the vet are that she is doing very well - we will keep updating her story as soon as we have more news

May we introduce Matilda ...... 

Matilda was found with a horrific injury to her front leg and sadly the leg needed to be amputated.  This poor girl will have endured so much pain over several weeks but with thanks to our Facebook page supporters we are in a position to help with her vets costs and also her rehab which will be lengthy. She may not become a Rags to Riches dog but we hope to update you with her progress - thank you to our Facebook supporters - please do check out our page on Facebook or if you would like to donate to Matildas costs then do please leave an email via the contact us page.


February 2017 - Rags to Riches granted Charity Status

How proud we were on February 13th 2017 to finally have it confirmed that Rags to Riches Romanian Rescue now is a UK registered charity - this is fantastic news and proves our commitment to helping the dogs in Romania for now and years to come.  It may be through fostering and rehoming here in the UK, promoting the plight of the dogs, neuter and spay campaigns in Romania to prevent hundreds if not thousands of puppies being born into a very uncertain future and further fundraising to help even more dogs to a safe and happy future.  None of this we can do without your help so thank you to our ever increasing group of loyal supporters and welcome to any new ones who would like to join us in our work to help the lovely dogs of Romania - our UK Charity Registration No. is 1171592.



What we would normally consider our quiet time of year we were pleased to rehome six dogs during January.  All of them are very settled and enjoying themselves in their forever homes

top row from left - Elsie, Minty & Tweed

2nd row from left - Foxy, Rosie (was Jessie) & Billie (was Tembe)











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